Custom Handrails and Staircases


Staircases and handrails are a staple in modern architecture and for the most part they go unnoticed. This does not have to be the case in your home or office. A beautiful custom crafted stainless staircase can accentuate any room as well as being durable and cost effective!

Staircases and hand rail systems are available in many shapes and sizes:

  • Double String
  • Spiral
  • Mono Stringer

Starting with the double string being the most basic system and then the spiral staircase is ideal when dealing with space constraints. Mono stringer and canter leaver staircases are complex in design but offer a sterile minimalist charm.

Florida Building Code governs staircase and  handrails design guidelines. The materials used to create the barricade vary from cable, metal rods, and glass among other materials.

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